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  • Project of the month - May 2022
    Celebrating an event in (Rubio Monocoat) style
    A stylish event location? That is Felix Oostende. Not only the historical aspect of the building and the successful furnishing make the location cosy, the finish with Rubio Moncoat completes the decor! Read more
  • Project of the month - April 2022
    All in one thanks to the learning tower with chalkboard, chair, steps, table, …
    A learning tower is convenient for every family. This way children can learn from their parents independently by simply climbing onto the safe stool and watching along. Anna from Barcelona devised a version of the learning tower which allows it to be transformed into a chalkboard, chair, table, etc. She wanted to protect her creations with a childproof wood treatment. Considering the Food Contact Compliance and Toy Safety certificates, Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C was the logical choice!
      Read more
  • Project of the month - March 2022
    A natural wood look in the showroom of Pan Parket
    The showroom of Pan Parket is one that invites thanks to the lounge bar, pool table and tasteful interior. Of course, the natural wood look with Rubio Monocoat products also has something to do with it. To keep the wood as natural as possible, the colours White 5% and Pure of the product Oil Plus 2C were chosen. Read more
  • Project of the month - February 2022
    Kündekari art in the Çamlıca mosque
    The Çamlıca mosque in Istanbul is the biggest mosque of Turkey and can be seen from everywhere in the metropolis. The impressive building contains a lot of wood that was manufactured according to the ancient art form of ‘Kündekari’. To protect the wood, a treatment with Rubio Monocoat was chosen. Read more
  • Project of the month - January 2022
    A triple threat: fun and inspiration at the Rubio Headquarters
    The head offices of Rubio Monocoat are expanding. We’re not only constructing a new building, we’re also adding some new meeting rooms. Of course, new tables were a must and it goes without saying that we wanted to make them ourselves. So on our very first Wood Makers Day we went to work, with this beautiful outcome as a result. With a little imagination, you could even recognise the Belgian flag! Read more
  • Project of the month - December 2021
    A rack without screws or nails? This is what it looks like!
    Our ambassador Gaëtan Samyn is very passionate about woodworking. He has already completed many woodworking projects and regularly uses Rubio Monocoat products. One of his latest challenges was to make a rack without screws or nails. The photos prove that the project was once again a success! Read more
  • Project of the month - November 2021
    Restoring a piano with Rubio Monocoat? Sounds like music to our ears!
    Musikhaus Ortel is a small company that specialises in restoring pianos. For this purpose they often use the products of Rubio Monocoat. Their newest project is once again a gem: the music lovers had the chance to restore a 100-year-old piano from the south of Germany. Read more
  • Project of the month - October 2021
    A natural protection for old wood in one layer? Avo-can-do with Rubio Monocoat!
    An avocado bar with healthy meals, a Bohemian style and a cosy terrace recycled from an old London floor? That must be a top formula! Restaurant Avocadoo in Bucharest combines all these trendy elements and created a bar that is totally in. To make sure that the 50-year-old wood will be preserved for at least another 50 years, they decided to use the Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector. Read more
  • Project of the month - September 2021
    This classic barbershop got a razor-sharp finish thanks to Rubio Monocoat
    Getting a haircut in a cosy setting? That calls for the Classico Barbershop by Navid Omary! This classic barbershop is located in Odessa in Ukraine and radiates cosiness. While designing his shop, Navid made a conscious choice for wood. That way he maintains the authentic look of his shop. The products of Rubio Monocoat eventually ensured the ultimate razor-sharp finish. Read more
  • Project of the month - August 2021
    Back to the roots with this ecological log house in nature
    In Scandinavian countries, the trend is to recharge as much as possible. A lot of people choose a lifestyle in which they return to nature. This includes a healthy and even vegetarian or vegan diet. This choice for nature also reappears in architecture. Our new project of the month for example is a log house in Finland. The wooden house completely fits in its natural surroundings and was built in an ecological manner. Read more
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